Hiking in the southern part of South Tyrol

Stroll or conquer a peak

Experience picturesque hikes on forest trails, through orchards, and vineyards. Venture into one of the nearby mountain villages and ascend to the summits from there. Along the way, stop at one of the numerous typical mountain huts or inns. Explore the natural landscape of the South Tyrolean Unterland and the Castelfeder holiday region from Markushof. We invite you to discover the diversity of this unique environment and to create unforgettable moments amidst nature.

Hiking on the Castelfeder

The Castelfeder is the hill above Ora. On the adventure trail through the biotope, there is much to observe for nature and plant enthusiasts. While exploring the hill, you'll not only enjoy breathtaking views, but you can also discover traces of settlements from the Stone Age and Bronze Age. The Castelfeder is not just a place of natural beauty; it's also a historically significant terrain that provides insights into the early settlement of the region. Enjoy a hike through this captivating environment and be inspired by the diversity of nature and the historical traces.

The Pinot Noir walkway

The Pinot Noir Trail in South Tyrol is a newly created wine and cultural educational path that winds through the renowned Pinot Noir cultivation area along the Trudner Horn Nature Park. The route begins in Ora and traverses through the finest Pinot Noir vineyards in Italy, including Mazon, Glen, and Pinzon. During your hike, you may come across historical and cultural treasures. Informatively designed display boards and interactive stations along the trail provide insights into this unique wine-growing region and its fascinating history. The Pinot Noir Trail not only offers a scenic route but also serves as an enrichment for wine enthusiasts and culturally curious hikers.

Tour around the Caldaro lake

Lake Caldaro is the largest lake in South Tyrol and also the warmest in the Alps. The surrounding landscape and the biotope provide an enchanting backdrop for a leisurely hike through orchards and vineyards. The circular hiking trail allows you to fully experience the natural beauty of the lake. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings, stroll along the lakeside promenade, and be captivated by the diversity of nature at Lake Caldaro. This circular hiking trail is a wonderful opportunity to explore the idyllic atmosphere and the unique landscape of this gem in South Tyrol.

Experience Bletterbachschlucht

Embark on an adventure hike through the Bletterbach Gorge in Aldino, an experience you shouldn't miss. This unique gorge provides fascinating insights into geological layers dating back up to 200 and 300 million years. Petrified fossils of marine animals bear witness to a time when the Dolomites were still coral reefs.

The entrance fee for the Bletterbach Gorge Geopark also includes helmet rental, ensuring you can enjoy the hike safely and protected. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Bletterbach Gorge and witness the impressive geology and history of this unique landscape from up close.

Trudner Horn Nature Park

The Trudner Horn Nature Park is South Tyrol's nature park with the most diverse flora and fauna. Situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters, the Trudner Horn Nature Park captivates with its variety of habitats. Here, you'll find 60 different species of orchids, flower-rich meadows, open larch forests, wetlands, and moorland. Immerse yourself in this unique natural landscape and experience the diversity of alpine flora and fauna in the heart of South Tyrol's Trudner Horn Nature Park.

More hiking tips for hiking holidays

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