Hiking in the southern part of South Tyrol

Stroll or conquer a peak

In the immediate surroundings of the Hotel Markushof there can be done easy walks through orchards, vineyards and forests. You may walk through the countryside of the Adige Valley and stop at one of the many inns or taverns. Because on vacation you can take it easy.

Enthusiastic hikers and climbers start from a higher mountain village. The Monte Corno Nature Park or hiking tours in the Dolomites are particularly popular destinations.

Returning to Hotel Markushof you can relax at the swimming pool in the garden.

Hiking on the Castelfeder

A mystical experience

Castelfeder is the hill above Ora. An adventure trail leads through the biotope and for nature and plant lovers there are many things to see. Once on the hill you will have a superb view over the aera and  find traces of settlements from the Stone Age and Bronze Age.

Experience Bletterbachschlucht

just gorgeous

You should not miss  an adventure hike through the Bletterbachschlucht in Aldino under any circumstances. The Bletterbachschlucht provides an insight into the geological bedding which dates back to times before 200 million and 300 B.C. Fossil inclusions of marine animals refer to times when the Dolomites were coral reefs. Since 2009, the Bletterbachschlucht is also a UNESCO Heritage Site. Admission to the Geopark Bletterbachschlucht will be charged. They offer guided hikes trough the canyon.

The Pinot Noir walkway

The Pinot Noir walkway leads through the Pinot Nor growing area along the Trudner Horn/Monte Corno Nature Park and the characteristic villages of Auer/Ora, Montan/Montagna and Neumarkt/Egna. The Pinot Noir growing area in Montan and Mazon/Mazzon is one of the most famous in Italy. Furthermore you walk through several monuments and historical places such as the ruins of Castelfeder, the old Val di Fiemme railway track, the St. Stephan Church in Pinzon/Pinzano, the ruins of the Kaldiff/Caldivo Castle, the St. Michael Church in Mazon or the beautiful Enn Castle. The walkway is family-friendly.

Discover Monte Corno nature park

Monte Corno nature park is the nature park in South Tyrol with the most biodiversity in flora and fauna. This is due to its location at 2,000 m altitude and the sub-Mediterranean climate in the region. In Monte Corno nature park over 60 types of orchids, wild flower meadows, open larch woods, wetlands and moors flourish. Because of its biodiversity and special beauty Monte Corno nature park was designated a “Natura 2000” region.

Tour around the Caldaro lake

We start directly from the hotel on the sidewalk towards Termeno.

After crossing the bridge leading over the Adige, we follow the bike path on a rarely used street leading to Klughammer. Soon we arrive at the southern end of the lake and walking some time on the street, some time on special hiking tracks, we slowly make our way towards Klughammer and the northern part of the lake.


Along this road, we have a panoramic view of the small villages on the wine road across the lake: Termeno, Caldaro, Cortaccia.

A small path (nr.20) leads us through the fields and orchards to the northern west of the lake.

Beach feeling at the lake

We grab ourselves an ice cream cone at the hotel Geier and continue past the baths and lidos of the lake to the south again.
Crossing the wine road, we reach the highest point of our stroll.

Here we enjoy a spectacular view over the whole lake and the distant mountains.
Illustrative charts explain the surroundings and the unique nature of the lake.

The lake’s biotope

Arrived at the southern part of the lake, we take a wooden footbridge which takes us directly through the biotope. At one point we pass a raised hide, at which’s top we discover the biotope’s flora and fauna. Only a few other passes on the footbridge and we arrived anew on the Via Klughammer, where we’ve already been before. Following the same way back that we’ve come, we reach the hotel again.

More hiking tips for hiking holidays

For hiking tips, a hiking map and popular destinations please contact us at the reception.

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